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Local Sacramento Events:

  • September 15th 4:45pm -9pm: Grito de Independencia @ State Capitol, Sacramento: Festival
  • September 18th 2pm-10p: Mex200 Sacramento’s Midtown Celebration: Festival
  • September 20 12pm Celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence @ California State University: Lecture
  • October 10 12pm – 1pm Franklin 5th Annual Hispanic/Latino Parade. Franklin Blvd. Sacramento, CA. (From 12th Avenue to 38th Avenue)
  • October 2nd 12pm – 8pm Latin Music and Arts Festival. Cesar Chavez park, Sacramento: Festival + Reenactment
  • MEXICANAL® Network will be airing live coverage of festivities, special programming, PSAs and promotions.
  • CineLatino will be airing a 24-hour showcase of the most important films that have defined contemporary Mexican cinema.