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Chica Power has been amazing lately.  Our Chicas have captured the spirit of giving back to our community with zest and enthusiasm.  Instead of waiting for a meet-up we have had members go out on their own and volunteer in various community events.  It is amazing to know we had a large amount of Chicas become part of the Weave training, volunteer at the Free health clinic at Cal Expo, take a leadership role in Walk a Mile in her shoes and many more events. 

We are coming upon our anniversary and the vision of the group was to get Latina women more involved in the community and it is amazing that our group is recognized as a reliable selfless contributor to various charities. 

When I attended the first meet-up two years ago, I did not know what to expect of this meet-up group.  I thought it would be a lot of happy hours and not much substance, but instead the group has evolved into a testament on what a small group of women can accomplish.  Our members are diverse, from different cultures, ages and backgrounds but the common thread of friendship and commitment to do good in the community has bonded us.  The friendships I have had the honor of making are amazing.  I know that I can reach out at anytime and one of my Chica sisters will be there to help out with a cause or just share a laugh.  Going to Zocalos two years ago and meeting Angela our founder and leader was one of the best days of my life. 

I am proud to be a Chica, and thank all the Chicas for their imprint on my life and many others.