Chicas had a busy April 30Th.  Two service projects and the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival.  Nothing is better for the soul to help out at a wonderful cause and then eat gourmet food off a truck.  SAC-MOFO was a brilliant idea!

Two groups of Chicas did two service projects.  One group got up early and drank plenty of water to plump up their veins and headed to The Blood-Source in Elk Grove and donated blood.  The ladies started at 10am and put on brave faces as they were poked and gave blood that could possibly save a life.  After juice, cheese and cookies some of the ladies headed out in search of real food at the SAC-Mofo.

The second group of Chicas, also had an early morning and volunteered at Weaves Walk a Mile in her Shoes event in Midtown.  Men got to feel the pain of walking a mile in high heels….now they know what women go through on a daily basis.  Some groups wore festive costumes as they raced around the course.  As in the first group, as soon as the Chicas were finished with their volunteer duties they headed to Fremont Park to tackle the long lines of the mobile food truck festival.

Plans to meet-up with various Chicas would soon fall to the wayside in order to stand in line to taste various foods at the festival. Lines lasted up to 45 minutes to an hour. There were Tacos, Lumpia,Escargot on a stick, burgers, ice cream and even cupcakes. 

For a town that has so many regulations about mobile food trucks, people came out in droves to support the gourmet food that comes off a truck.  It was like being in Portland Oregon for a day, where there is a mile long block dedicated to mobile food trucks. 
Chica Latinas again showed that they can do anything they put their mind to it.  They gave back to two organizations and then found time to go to the park and celebrate with friends and enjoy food.  What a great Saturday…….What a great group of Chicas!