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This year the Chicas Latinas de Sacramento will be showing an altar at the Dia de los Muertos 3rd Annual Panteon de Sacramento 2012 – a La Raza Galeria Posada exhibit. 

“Dia de los Muertos is a very personal holiday and each family that celebrates it has their own unique traditions that they follow. It is a cathartic experience for the living as well as a time to honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed on to the afterlife. “The dead come to life in the memory of the living, who evoke their particular customs, tastes, virtues and defects (Orellana 1999:67).” Dia de los Muertos acquaints children to their ancestors as well as introduces the concept of death to children at an early age as a natural rite of passage. For adults it provides an opportunity for communal mourning. Emotions surrounding Dia de los Muertos can be somber as well as celebratory. It is a time to remember, honor and show respect to the departed. The colorful holiday serves as a reunion for the dead as well as the living.”- http://www.lrgp.org/dia-de-los-muertos.html

Saturday October 27 
11am to 11pm  

Sunday October 28
8am to 8pm

2020 J st. 
Sacramento, CA 95811
(west of the Native American Health Center Sacramento)