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There are many health and fitness benefits to running. If you Google “benefits of running” there are references for benefits with bone density, cholesterol, breast cancer, teamwork, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, weight, stress, and many others. Sometimes it pays not to focus too much on one benefit (for example weight loss) so we don’t get disappointed without immediate results.

When you are running you elevate your heart rate and you get many health and fitness benefits from that. The nice thing about running is that you can get the health benefits even if you are a beginning runner. You can start out walking, progress to walk/jog combinations, and then complete runs. If you are an intermediate/advanced runner you can capture health benefits as well. No matter where you are on the spectrum, it is possible to improve your fitness level with a regular running program.

The Chicas Latinas Running Group is a great place to start a running program or improve the running program you have now. There’s nothing like running with others in a group to keep you motivated!

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