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There are many ways you can join Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, including volunteer in the community with us, attend our social gatherings, and even volunteer FOR Chicas Latinas.

Chicas Latinas de sacramento

Chicas Latinas is 100% Latina powered, meaning we rely solely on volunteers and donations. Men and women are encouraged to join our board and committees ~ as we need community support and professional expertise to ensure we can continue for years to come in our mission to build Latina Leaders in Sacramento!

Join Our Team:

Board Application: http://bit.ly/ChicasLatinasBoardApp

Committee Application: http://bit.ly/ChicasLatinasCommitteeApp

Upcoming Events: 

Oct. 19 – Feeding the Homeless with CL, 8:30am Cesar Chavez: http://bit.ly/ChicasFeedSacHomeless

Oct. 25 – Sacramento Homeless Connect, Join Chicas Latinas 1st Shift Volunteer Team: http://bit.ly/ChicasSacHomelessConnect2014 (Men & youth welcomed!) 

Oct. 30 – Coors Light Lideres Voting Ends ~ Vote for Angela Rosas! 

CoorsLight Lideres Angela Rosas

VOTE for Angela Rosas, 10x’s a Day! http://www.coorslightlideres.com/

Nov. 2 – La Raza Galeria’s El Panteon de Sacramento, Chicas Latinas Craft Booth

Chicas Latinas dia de los muertos

Nov. 27 – Run to Feed the Hungry, Join CL Run Team:  http://bit.ly/ChicasRunningGroup

Nov. 30 –  Feeding the Homeless with CL, 8:30am Cesar Chavez: http://bit.ly/ChicasFeedSacHomeless

Every Wednesday Evening / Sunday Morning: Chicas Latinas Running Group

Would you like Chicas Latinas de Sacramento to partner with your organization’s event or request our volunteers? Please use the REQUEST FORM, to ensure your request gets in front of the right people! *Please request 2 months in advance, our committees meet once a month. 

Request Chicas Latinas Volunteers: http://bit.ly/ChicasLatinasVolunteer