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Guest Blog by Chicas Latinas’ Member: Patricia Diaz

My earliest memories venturing out into the great outdoors are strongly correlated with food. For my Mexican family, summer trips to the lake equaled carne asada and grilled onions. Burritos neatly wrapped in tinfoil still remind me of our treks up I-80 in the winter, so we could slide down snowy hills. You work up quite an appetite falling face first in the snow.  

Chicas Latinas' Member, Patricia Diaz

Chicas Latinas’ Member, Patricia Diaz

The night before a trip to the lake I would anticipate walking on the sand (or dirt depending on the location.) I would imagine the first moment the water came into view. I’d get so excited at the thought of jumping in the lake, with my pair of two-dollar arm floaties, that I’d have trouble falling asleep. Our annual trips to the snow was one of a handful of times in winter that this California kid got to pull her favorite puffy jacket out of the closet, wear a scarf and beanie, and actually need it.

Looking back, I realize that this is when my love affair with nature began. I loved it for what it was… before I knew that fancy outdoor equipment existed, before going out into nature seemed complicated and expensive. Being outdoors and exploring this gorgeous state of California filled me up with a sense of pure joy. The giddy feeling I used to get as a kid when I caught a glimpse of sparkling blue water, or a snow bank taller than my 5-year-old frame, is the same exact feeling that the grown up me gets every time I see Lake Tahoe from the top of a Sierra peak.

To the Latinas and Latinos I know who don’t venture out into nature very often, I have to ask why not? If it’s out of a sense of uncertainty of where to start, what gear you will need and who will guide you then I say look no further than this blog.

I would remind you that the reality is you can get out on countless hiking trails with little more than an old pair of sneakers & a bag filled with snacks & water. Don’t let the gear deter you. There are trails and places for everyone and for every level, from the beginner to the highly experienced trekker. My advice to you, just get out there with a fellow nature lover in the lead. I promise you that you will walk away from that first outing with memories that will last a lifetime. The added bonus is that this type of exercise comes with a view. After all, you just so happen to live in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the entire world! The trails of the Sierra Nevada and the Coast are waiting for you to take your first step. Wait there’s more…

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento are pleased to be partnering with Latino Outdoors to be your ambassadors and guides! Our first trip together will be to explore the Palomarin Trail at Point Reyes on Saturday June 27th (RSVP on Meetup, or email us!). Learn more about Latino Outdoors by clicking here http://latinooutdoors.org
No more excuses. You have a time, a place, and people who love the outdoors to lead the way. Vamonos a explorar! Let’s go explore, with Chicas Latinas de Sacramento and Latinos Outdoors!

Contact Patricia Diaz & #TeamChicas Running Group at: committees@chicaslatinasdesacramento.org