Chicas Latinas de Sacramento has existed in the Sacramento community for 9 years, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many amazing individuals. To celebrate Sacramento’s Latina Leaders, and our behind-the-scenes (s)heroes, we’re thrilled to highlight and introduce to the community our shining star for the month of Febrero/February!

Chicas Latinas’ Estrella del Mes: Febrero/Star of the Month: February

Pamella Tejada

Pamella Tejada — Programs & Events Committee Member, and Lead Coordinator of Chicas Latinas’ annual “Starting Off on the Right Foot” Shoe Drive

How long have you been a part of Chicas?     

Two years and counting!

What’s your favorite aspect of being a Chicas member?

I love how everyone is committed to making our community a better place for EVERYONE. There is such unity between the members and unlimited support when we want to expand our ideas into reality. Chicas Latinas de Sacramento accepted and invited me without hesitation, and has allowed me to explore and give back to my community.

 What do you love about Sacramento?

I am originally from the Bay Area, but moved to Sacramento seven years ago when my husband got accepted to Sac State. The plan was to move back, but here we are seven years later just loving how easy it is to find hundreds of events in Sacramento. We have everything here: Sports (Sacramento Republic FC, River Cats & the Kings), outdoor adventures (fishing, skiing, hiking, camping), and a vast amount of foods from all over the world. And, then there is the community – so many friendly, hard-working and talented individuals – they make it hard to leave, too!


What is one of your most fun, or memorable experience volunteering with Chicas? 

I fell in love volunteering at the Crisis Nursery, so much that I now run the events every other month. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help guide our youth and doing so with other Chicas y Chicos. It’s an amazing feeling to work side by side with strangers who just want to help make the world a better place, by starting with our youth. We visit the Crisis Nursery and expose the children to various projects, and since I have a background in science, I try to incorporate a crafty science project to help spark their interest in biology and chemistry. Then, we make a healthy meal, but we put a twist to it by making it artsy; let’s be honest, it’s hard to get kids to eat veggies and fruits!


Why did you join Chicas?  

I have always volunteered, since I love helping others. When I was younger, I volunteered in dance class, then as a young adult, it was helping feral cats. So, when I moved to Sacramento, I wanted to explore my options when a friend of a friend mentioned Chicas Latinas to me. I researched the website and went to a donation drive they were having one night and just knew that its mission was something that I could be of assistance. Ever since joining, I have been able to help out at various events, but it’s the group that has helped me become less timid and push me into assisting an even broader range of individuals.

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What are your interest and hobbies?    

I love being active and have always played some type of sport growing up. About two years ago I decided to try roller derby. I fell in love with the sport and was amazed by all the strong women involved. I definitely want to see how far I can get in derby, but for now I am enjoying the wild rush I get from practicing on the track with my teammates.


 What do you love about being a woman?

I love how us woman are naturally fierce-some and it’s our determination within ourselves that brings out this amazing strength to overcome some unimaginable obstacles. I have gone through highs and lots of lows in life, but I use each experience as a lesson learned and that helps me grow into a stronger woman each time.

Name one fun fact about yourself:

I was born in Santiago, Chile, and immigrated to the great United States when I was 3-years-old. My grandparents escaped the holocaust and it was my grandmother that eventually made her way to Chile.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled and why?

I have been fortunate to travel worldwide and so far my favorite place has been Chile. I know I am probably bias here, but it feels amazing to walk down the street and have all these amazing, aromatic, homemade foods within arm’s reach. Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help complete strangers, which is so inviting and calming. And, then to sweeten the experience, I get to see the remaining part of my family; people who I unfortunately do not see enough, but still welcome me with an open heart.