Chicas Latinas de Sacramento has existed in the Sacramento community for nine years, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many amazing individuals. To celebrate Sacramento’s leaders, and our behind-the-scenes (s)heroes, we’re thrilled to highlight and introduce to the community our shining star for the month of Agosto/August!

Chicas Latinas’ Estrella del Mes: Agosto/Star of the Month: August!


Lilia Stone – Member of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento and serves on Chicas Latinas’ Scholarship Committee

How long have you been a part of Chicas?     

I have been a part of Chicas Latinas since 2016.

What’s your favorite aspect of being a Chicas member?    

I love the members of Chicas Latinas and their passion for helping others in the community. The committee volunteers are all extremely dedicated and donate hours of their time on a monthly basis to support our mission and to help others.

 What do you love about Sacramento?      

I love the Sacramento community. I’ve met so many individuals that want to better their surroundings, either through advocating for fair and equitable public policies or through volunteerism.   

What is one of your most fun or memorable experience volunteering with Chicas? 

My most memorable experience with Chicas Latinas is the award dinner with the Scholarship Committee that we had for our first Scholarship recipient last year. Celebrating the recipient’s academic accomplishments and success with her and her family was incredibly uplifting. Her parents were so proud and her younger siblings were inquiring as to how they could serve the community and what they could do academically to win scholarships when they reached her age. The dinner served as a reminder as to why I volunteer in the community, which is to invest in our youth.


Why did you join Chicas?      

I moved to Sacramento from San Diego and wanted to feel more connected to my new community and invest in it, which is why when I met the CEO [of Chicas Latinas], I immediately knew that I wanted to volunteer with the organization.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?    

If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to stop time. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?      

The craziest thing I have ever done is bungee jumping at the San Diego County Fair to [try to] get rid of my fear of heights. It’s safe to say that I’m still fearful of heights.

Name one fun fact about yourself.      

I grew up in very dissimilar environments. I lived eight years in Sonora, Mexico; lived in three towns in Massachusetts, then lived in San Diego, and Pennsylvania by the time I was 16.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

“I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass,” by Shonda Rhimes.

What is your most favorite family tradition?

My [annual] family reunion in Mexico on New Year’s Eve, in which we all dress up, have a formal dinner, rent a karaoke machine, and ring in the New Year together (often ending well into the morning). I normally don’t get to see all of my relatives often, and this is a great way to get us all together in one place.