Students: Apply for Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s 2017 Scholarship


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Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.01.01 PMChicas Latinas de Sacramento has been in the forefront helping families from the Sacramento region through community support and volunteer service.

We are excited to reiterate our commitment for making an impact in the lives of local students by announcing Chicas Latinas’ Scholarship Program! We’re giving away one $500 scholarship to a latino or latina student from the Sacramento Region for the 2017-2018 college year.

This scholarship is intended to help our Hispanic community accomplish higher education goals. The application period is open until May 1, 2017 (11:59pm PST), applicants must be from Sacramento County and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

For more information or to apply, visit: 

clds scholarship final version trifold final 3.jpg

Deadline to apply is May 1, 2017 (11:59pm PST)

Have questions? Want to donate to our (soon to be annual) Scholarship program and help us give MORE to MORE Sacramento Latin@ students?  Contact us here: w/ subject line “Scholarship Donation.


Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s Scholarship Committee Members

Interested in giving your time and/or expertise to Chicas Latinas de Sacramento? Email our board of directors:

“Starting off on the right foot!” Shoe Drive for Del Paso Heights Elementary!

Students from Woodbine Elementary excited about showing off their new kicks (2015)

Students from Woodbine Elementary excited about showing off their new kicks (2015)

This year, beginning July 1st through September 16th, we’re embarking on our third year of hosting the “Starting off on the right foot” Shoe Drive for the students of Del Paso Heights Elementary! The Shoe Drive has one very simple goal in mind: Get behind one underserved elementary school before the upcoming school year in Sacramento to give new shoes for ALL of its students within an underserved community.

Originally beginning in 2014, Chicas Latinas began planning with lofty goals to bring together the community to bring awareness to the dilemma most kids living in an underserved area are faced with: very little resources, forcing families to forgo simple items not viewed as a top priority- shoes.

This is a reality a lot of kids are living with in Sacramento, along with being located in areas of high-crime areas, especially in Del Paso Heights. Each year educators and school staff members share personal stories they or their students have experienced related to coming to school with shoes that are simply falling apart.

Fortunately, each year more members of the community are stepping in to help in whatever way they can. In 2015, Results the Training Gym invited Chicas Latinas to join them as they hosted their own shoe fundraiser/drive with their members for a Zumba class! Going on our third year means the same opportunity is presented to individuals and organizations alike who seek to show students in a neglected part of the city they care.

Results the Training Gym

Results the Training Gym after its class with all shoes donated to Chicas Latinas (2015)

This year Sac City Rollers, Sacramento’s women’s roller derby team, is hosting Chicas Latinas as their Charity of the Month at their next game, Saturday July 23rd at 6:15PM! The event will be located at The Rink 2900 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento, California 95827.

Chicas volunteers during a Sac City Roller Derby (2015)

Chicas volunteers during a Sac City Roller Derby (2015)

Everyone who is an adult has been inspired by someone during their childhood, unsolicited in one way or another, simply because that person decided to be a positive example. Together, we can do the same for the students of Del Paso Heights elementary.

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento will be collecting shoes & donations from July 1st to September 16th. the following locations listed below are active shoe drop off locations. Please be mindful of the times and days our dropoff locations are open for business!

Don’t have time to drop off shoes or aren’t in Sacramento? No Problem! Follow the link here to donate:

1. Capsity- 2572 21st Sacramento, CA 95818

2. Living Roots Chiropractic – 2410 Fair Oaks Blvd #170, Sacramento, CA 95825

3. The Colour Bar – 2314 K St Sacramento, CA 95816

4. ExtraPlate App- 1122 Del Paso Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95815

5. The Rink- 2900 Bradshaw Rd Sacramento, CA 95827

*100% of proceeds will go towards purchasing new shoes!!!

#TeamChicas Running for Health, Running for the Community

Team Chicas 2/25Chicas Latinas de Sacramento is committed to finding ways of engaging and improving our community. Team Chicas was formed in effort to connect with our community and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Offering weekly trainings, Team Chicas is open to all who want to exercise in a friendly, energetic, no pressure environment. Our goal is not only to motivate people to create change on an individual basis; but also to work as a team and foster participating in local runs that raise awareness and funds for a worthy causes. Team Chicas has proudly taken part in Run to Feed the Hungry, UC Davis Camp Kesem 5K (proceeds sponsor summer camp for a child who’s parent has been struck by cancer), and The Women’s Fitness Festival. This year we look forward to adding one more run to our list Break Free Run- the race to end human trafficking.

In an effort to reach a wider scope of interests and continue encouraging physical activity, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento has partner up with Latino Outdoors. This collaboration has lead to hiking, backpacking, and canoeing activities all free and open to the public. As we move forward we hope to continue growing and spreading healthy habits in our community. Sign-up, learn more:

March 20th: Flores a Montones! Hike at Table Mountain with CDFW

April 23rd: Los Hombres de Las Chicas- Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 


There’s a first for everything, backpacking with Chicas Latinas and Latino Outdoors


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Blog contribution by Chicas Latinas de Sacramento Board Member and Programs & Event Chair, Susana Becerra: 

I never backpacked before, but was always interested in it. I had talked to my friends about backpacking and always wanted to organize an outing, but to be honest I didn’t know where to start. The gear alone felt intimidating.

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento partnered with Latino Outdoors earlier this year. Together we began hosting day-hikes and other outdoor adventures for our Chicas Latinas members, and it was only a matter of time before a backpacking trip was in the works. The plan, Latino Outdoors would provide all the education, gear, and the guide required for a backpacking trip — for free!! All we (I) had to do was show up. How much easier could that be?! 



Board Member, Susana Becerra

Thanks to the partnership of Chicas Latinas and Latino Outdoors, in November I went on my very first backpacking trip! Since my return, a few people have asked me what the highlights of my trip were. My response is hard to put into words because the entire experience was a highlight. Regardless, here are my thoughts about my first backpacking trip…

We set out on a cool sunny Saturday to Henry Coe State Park about 2.5 hours from Sacramento. Three Chicas Latinas and our Latino Outdoor guide chatted throughout the car ride.  We chatted during our hikes, we chatted throughout the night, we chatted chatted chatted. You get the idea. The point being is backpacking proved to be a way to connect to my fellow comrades. When else are you going to get 24 hours of human connectedness without the interruptions of cell phones, obligations, and responsibilities? When else do you take the time to share stories and laugh until food comes out of your mouth (yes, this happened)? When else do you sit in the dark and play games and I’m not talking video games on our cells/ipads/game consoles?  We went in to this adventure as strangers and came out friends with a mutual respect for each other for what we had accomplished together, as a team.


I have to admit that one of the reasons I enjoyed backpacking so much is that social conventions are thrown out the window.  So you haven’t showered or brushed your teeth for a while? No problem! Growing up my dad would frequently call me “cochina” when I licked my fingers and he insisted I use a napkin.  When backpacking, licking your fingers is highly encouraged, heck, wipe your mouth on your sleeve for all we care. It’s a way to produce less garbage because with Leave No Trace principals it means everything you use/bring you have to take back with you. When carrying a heavy load with minimal space every little bit counts. Literally licking your bowl and utensils clean is applauded. And you know you are with Latinos when a can of jalapeños en vinagre is brought out to accompany a meal, but what do you do with the left over vinegar? Drink it of course. What do you do with the water left over after boiling our dinner noodles? You guessed it, drink it! These acts are cheered and seen as taking one for the team.  It almost became a game to see how far we would go to Leave No Trace. It was a much welcomed change of pace to not have to be prim and proper for an entire weekend.


You may be thinking that you have to be really strong to go backpacking. Well, sort of, but not really.  See, the strongest part of a woman’s body is in her legs and hip area and lo and behold that is where the backpack sits. The strap that goes across the hip/waist area shifts the weight from your back to your hips/legs, which is also why you have to use a backpack that fits your body/size.  We were carrying quite the load and we all agreed we felt like “burros” but it’s all part of the fun and challenging experience. We take many things for granted such as walking and this was a reminder to appreciate the ease in which I walk. With a heavy load I was unsteady and required concentration to accomplish what normally I can do with ease.  I’ve gone hiking before, but not with a heavy pack.  Our team of Chicas Latinas backpackers trekked fairly fast considering we were going uphill and carrying a heavy load. Perhaps it was because subconsciously we were trying to get out of the rain on day two.  The rain only added to us feeling absolutely awesome at the end of our journey. A feeling of “we did it! And in the rain!” Excuse the language, but there is no other way to describe it other than saying I FELT LIKE A BADASS! I am woman, hear me roar.

Last but not least I’d like to highlight the nature aspect of backpacking. We saw various wild life animals such as deer, newts, wood peckers, and a bald eagle. We would stop along our hike to appreciate the various foliage and try to translate the word from how our parents taught us in Spanish to the word in English leading to conversations about colloquialisms from one town to the next within even the same country. Basil in Spanish is Albahaca by the way…I learn something new every day.

As I went about my regular work week following our trip, I was reminded of my adventurous weekend every time I got up from a sitting position. My leg muscles were sore, but I couldn’t help but smile as I inched along the first few steps until my tight muscles loosen and I was able to walk again. I live in a two story home and when going down the stairs I literally said “ow ow ow” with every step I went down, while laughing at how funny I must look. This is not to discourage anyone from backpacking, on the contrary it’s to encourage you to try something that challenges your body just enough to push it outside its comfort zone because that is how we grow and evolve…to push outside our comfort zones. And if I can do it, you can too.

Thank you Sol, Adriana, and Eduardo for such a memorable experience.


Latino Outdoors & #TeamChicas (more pics on Facebook)!

Please consider joining us, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, as we continue to offer opportunities in partnership with Latino Outdoors.  We especially like having newbies and we are happy to ease any concerns you may have and answer any questions. 

Like our Facebook page and sign-up at to learn about #TeamChicas upcoming events!

Coming up: 

Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic 5k Run/Walk Sunday, December 13, 2015

Join Fleet Feet Sports of Sacramento for the 9th annual Holiday Classic Fun Run.  The race is FREE.  The race began as a lighthearted reason to gather for a run during the holiday season and has developed into a toy drive for the Salvation Army.  This year the Salvation Army can use the support of the running community and the community at large in these tough economic times.  Our goal is to fill a Salvation Army truck with your donations. For more details visit Team Chicas meet up page

Winter Challenge Dec. 16 th-March 9th

Add up the miles!! Accumulate 50 miles training with Chicas and earn a nifty Team Chicas Sports bag. Challenge starts Dec. 16th. We meet at 6pm in front Mc Kindley Library every Wednesday.

Chicas Year in Review


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2015 has been a year full of giving, donating and running.


This year marks 7 years of giving back to the Sacramento Community and a year that continues to be a lot of first for Chicas Latinas. We started out as a group of 15 women interested in having a place where like minded Latinas sought to contribute beyond themselves. We have turned that number into a 200+ member organization and a Non- Profit known to the locals.

Let’s Celebrate!

Our first ever Bra Drive named “Support the Girls” to celebrate our 6th anniversary benefitted not only Chicas Latinas as a fundraiser, but brought women’s bras to two community organizations: Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home, a home for women over the age of 18 who are pregnant and in need of shelter, food, safety, comfort and support during their pregnancy; and also, Women’s Empowerment, a program that educates and empowers women, who are homeless, with the skills and confidence necessary to secure a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children.

Looking towards 2016, we’re gearing up to put the FUN in fundraising. Just in time for Springtime, one thing is for sure, you have to keep your eyes open for a night of celebrating and helping us move forward as we continue to grow. Details are to be determined.

Take a hike! (or run)


In addition the Chicas Running group,  dubbed #TeamChicas,  made great strides this year with 5Ks and Half Marathons. From the beginning of the year, several of our members made it to the UC Davis campus to run the 5K Caterpillar Crawl benefiting Camp Kesem. Eventually, Team Chicas turned to taking on larger runs like the ever popular Shamrock Run and for the first time ever, the Tahoe Relay Race. We then polished off the year with our annual Run To Feed the Hungry Run!


Our friends at Latino Outdoors  offered their help to incorporate hikes and even our first backpacking trip for those who crave more adventure! We’re so grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given by LO to expose our Chicas to the great outdoors (stay tuned for more).

Giving Back

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento volunteered this year with Rebuilding Together Sacramento. On April 25th, our amazing volunteers assisted in rebuilding a home that made a huge difference in the lives of a single mother and her six children in South Sacramento.

This was also the first year that Chicas Latinas de Sacramento hosted a walking team for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. We asked, and Los Hombres delivered in 2015 – hosting over 25 men registered for our team “Los Hombres de las Chicas Latinas.”  We can’t wait to host a team next year – bigger and better! The men raised nearly $2,500 for sexual assault & domestic violence services for survivors in the ‪‎Sacramento community. With the contributions of Los Hombres de las Chicas Latinas, Weave Inc. broke a record for men walking in heels this year at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.


Speaking of shoes, our 2nd Annual Shoe Drive, “Starting Off on the Right Foot,” this year benefiting Woodbine Elementary School proved to be very successful. We were able to collect more than 600 pairs of new shoes for every student at Woodbine Elementary School in the Sacramento City Unified School District!

Finally, this was yet another year Chicas Latinas committed to helping organizations C.A.F.F.E. and The Sacramento Crisis Nursery Center. Chicas lent a helping hand on Sunday mornings as well as making food and clothing donations to Armando Flores and our friends at C.A.F.F.E., Clothes And Food For Everyone, who look to feed and clothe the hungry every other Sunday morning at Cesar Chavez Park.

PicMonkey Collage

Meanwhile, every month our selfless Chicas volunteers paid a visit to the Sacramento Crisis Nursery Center which gives families a place to turn to in times of crisis.  They’ve done a great job providing a healthy, yummy lunch followed by a fun activity for the kids fostered at the center.

With all this being said, keep us in mind this Tuesday, December 1, 2015 on #GivingTuesday, a day for giving thanks. A day dedicated to giving back to celebrate generosity and to give. During this global celebration of a new tradition of generosity, Chicas Latinas will be launching our first GoFundMe Campaign. Chicas Latinas de Sacramento is 100% volunteer and donation powered! We have existed and gave in the Sacramento community for nearly 7 years without funding. Over the years our volunteer-base has grown, the need in the community for volunteers and drives have grown, and our need for a home has also grown. Chicas Latinas needs a space, to meet, work, and store our belongings in – if we are to grow and continue our philanthropic work in the community.



#TeamChicas takes on @SacFoodBank’s Run to Feed the Hungry!


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Good afternoon and Happy Friday!

We’re 20 days away from one of the largest runs in Sacramento (and in the nation on Thanksgiving) put on by the Sacramento Food Bank, Run to Feed the Hungry taking place Thursday, November 26!

Keep in mind, participating in this race not only does good for your health, but also means you’re giving back to our community. All profits from this race go to the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Serivces (SFBFS) that offers 14 diverse services, all focusing on education and moving families to self-sufficiency and financial independence. Click the link to sign up: Below is a screen shot upon choosing a team, be sure to choose “Join Existing Team” and use the search box to find #TeamChicas.

#TeamChicas is very grateful to be part of this great event. We encourage YOU to come out and train with us, from walkers to beginning runners, we invite you. We meet Wednesday’s at 6pm in front of McKinley Library in East Sacramento and Sunday’s at 8 am in Sutter’s Landing on 28th and C.

If you come out to one of our weeknight trainings please wear reflective/neon gear, and/or a headlight. Our training schedule for the next few days is as follows:

11/08/15- Sutter’s Landing- Runners 5 easy miles. Walkers 3-4

11/11/15- McKindley Park- Runners 5 miles tempo. Walkers 4

11/15/15- Run on your own. No Team Chicas training on this day

11/18/15- McKindley Park- Runners 5.5 miles tempo. Walkers 4.5

11/22/15- Sutter’s Landing- Runners 4 miles easy. Walkers 3

Hope to see you out there!


Let us know if you’d like to sign up:

ATTN: Press release, and Latino Outdoors Announce Partnership


Contacts: Janelle Smith, Graciela Cabello | 720-2020-9029, | 805-203-6679
US Forest Service | Latino Outdoors and Latino Outdoors Announce Partnership
During National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15, 2015 – and Latino Outdoors will celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) by kicking off a partnership to highlight the great work by many within the Latino(a) community who dedicate themselves to connecting Latino culture, or “cultura” and community to the outdoors.

“, the flagship of the Recreation One Stop program, represents the desire of all of its partner agencies to help people connect to public lands and waters throughout the country,” said Rick DeLappe, Recreation One Stop program manager. “By working with Latino Outdoors, we can bring more attention to a network of conservation-minded explorers who share their passion for the outdoors. Their stories are contagious – inspiring stewardship and exploration of our federal lands and waterways.”

“Our goal is to encourage members of our community, especially any who have experienced the Great Outdoors for the first time, to share their stories of a particularly challenging hike, seeing wildlife at a refuge, or maybe what it felt like to sleep in a tent for the first time,” said Jose Gonzalez, Founder of Latino Outdoors. “By telling our stories, the community helps define what it means to have a Latino(a) identity in relation to the outdoors. Stories have power and they say many things about the cultural traditions and values we hold—especially our love and connections with our open spaces. We are excited about this campaign with Recreation.Gov, stemming from a partnership with Active Network earlier this year, and part of a larger strategic alliance, to work together to identify and increase Latino engagement in the outdoors. Both partnerships allow us to amplify our storytelling and demonstrate the diversity of engagement in our public lands and outdoor recreation.”

Beginning September 15, will feature experiences from volunteer Latino Outdoor Ambassadors from across the country. Visitors will also be encouraged to join through Facebook and Instagram and share stories, photos or videos of their outdoor experiences using #LatinoOutdoors.

“Launching this partnership for National Hispanic Heritage Month provides a platform to reflect upon and inspire us to discover and enjoy the cultural influences from long ago to the present—and recognize this multi-cultural heritage as the unifying fabric of this country,” said DeLappe.


Recreation One-Stop is a recreation trip-planning, reservation and information sharing platform for the nation’s federal lands. Visitors to can reserve campgrounds, apply for river permits, schedule a tour, discover points-of-interest near major cities, learn about destinations, and so much more. The Recreation One-Stop program is a joint initiative among federal agency partners including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, National Archives and Records Administration, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

With roots in the past, a presence in the present and vision for the future, Latino Outdoors is a network of leaders committed to engaging Latinos/as in the outdoors, connecting familias and youth with nature, and empowering our community of storytellers to explore and share their personal experiences. Our growing online platform allows participants to creatively document their cultural connections to conservation, the environment, and the Great American Outdoors with the world.

Segundo año consecutivo la campaña de recolección de zapatos ” Starting on the right foot” que ayuda a escuelas en Sacramento


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Chicas Latinas de Sacramento tiene el gusto de organizar por segundo año consecutivo la campaña de recolección de zapatos ” Starting on the right foot” que ayuda a escuelas locales. Este año estamos patrocinando a la escuela Woodbine en el sur de Sacramento.

Nuestra meta es de recaudar 700 pares de zapatos nuevos para niños de entre 5-12 años de edad.

Chicas 2015 Shoe Drive 2 copy (1)
Estamos invitando a la communidad a que nos ayude a llegar a esta meta y ayude a los niños a empezar el año escolar bien.
Tenemo tres localidades donde pueden dejar su donacion: Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff (401 Watt Ave.), Capsity (2572 21st St.), (448 Howe Ave). O tambien pueden acudir a nuestra Fiesta Communitaria este 28 de agosto que toma lugar en Sol Collective, o nuestro marathon de zumba el 30 de agosto en Result Transformation.

CL Zumba Shoe Drive 2015

#ChicasWhoGive 2nd Annual “Starting off on the Right Foot” Shoe Drive Drop-Off Party


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Join Chicas Latinas de Sacramento and our generous friends and donors at our “Starting Off on the Right Foot” Community Party!

Drop off your final shoe donations | Stay to celebrate! 


Share & Invite:

Chicas 2015 Shoe Drive 2 copy (1)Bring your final shoe donations to Sol Collective on Friday, August 28th from 5:30 -7:30 and enjoy refreshments and small bites as we celebrate the closing of our annual shoe drive. (Open to the public. Please RSVP.)

Eventbrite - Chicas Latinas' Back-to-School Shoe Drive "Starting off on the Right Foot" Community Party!

This year we’re sponsoring Woodbine Elementary School —  with a goal of 700 pairs of NEW shoes. Can you help?!?! 

In case you missed last year’s shoe-drive… here’s what you missed: 

When we asked school staff members what the students are most in need of when starting the new school year, we were simply told, “shoes.” Shoes that fit and shoes in working condition… free of holes and torn soles. Back-to-school shoes, a basic need to most, are a luxury item to these children. 

For that reason, Chicas Latinas members are host anual shoe-drives for local schools and are ask the community to join us for “Starting off on the Right Foot,” in an effort to provide shoes for these students as they enter into the new school year. Shoes must be new and should fit 5-12 year old students, boys and girls.

Please share this event and consider asking your colleagues, friends, and family to donate A pair of shoes… I have 100% confidence we can collect 700 pairs of shoes, with your help!

Drop-Off Locations July 13th – Aug. 27:  

Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff: 401 Watt Ave. Sacramento, CA 95864

Capsity: 2572 21st. St, Sacramento, CA 95818

Salon 701448 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825

Any cash donations specific to this event are greatly appreciated! Tax ID: 46-104861

Eventbrite - Chicas Latinas' Back-to-School Shoe Drive "Starting off on the Right Foot" Community Party!

Zumba “Shake Yo Booty” Shoe Drive for Chicas Latinas’ “Starting off on the Right Foot!”


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You read right Sacramento, you’re invited to a Zumba “Shake Yo Booty” Shoe Drive!

The fee for the awesome Zumba class is a pair of new shoes for Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s “Starting off on the Right Foot” Shoe Drive.

Please join us in giving, breaking a sweat, and having some Zumba fun. Share, invite your friends and family members, and help us reach our goal of 700 pairs of new shoes for the children at Woodbine Elementary School.

The Details: 

  • Sunday, August 30th
  • 10:30am – Noon
  • Results Transformation, 109 15th Street, West Sacramento
  • Price: A new pair of shoes for a child (ages, 5-12)

CL Zumba Shoe Drive 2015

A special thank you to everyone listed below, for making this wonderful event happen. We were approached by Denyse Velazquez, who informed us that they were putting on this event FOR Chicas Latinas’ Shoe Drive! We’re extremely grateful for all who came together in support our shoe drive and our community’s youth. Thank you!

1. Results Transformation Center, the owner is Matt Weaver
2. Instructors:
Francine Valdez
Ingrid Hutchins
Maryann Whalen
Queenie Rabino
3. DV Face & Skin Solutions, Owner is Denyse Velazquez
4. Lisa Franco
5. Rosa Marshall
6. Josef Freeman
7. Jerry Spurgin